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Episode 1 is out!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Episode 1

"Of Shreds and Patches" by Norman Doege

We here at the Wandering Tavern are very excited to announce launch of our first episode! Sourced from the second-to-none fantasy ezine Heroic Fantasy Quarterly comes our very first story: "Of Shreds and Patches" by author Norman Doege.

“ An exciting story of unlikely nobility, dreaded dukes and bonds stronger than blood...”

We hope you enjoy your short escape from the bonds of reality!

Our release schedule

We hope to provide our listeners with excellent productions and deliver them in timely fashion. Our release schedule will be set to every two weeks. Listeners can expect a new adventure every other Sunday.

Let us lead you to places long forgotten, to lands of dream and scapes of magic. Cozy up to the hearth and fall into the arcane, the whimsical, and exhilarating. We hope the Wandering Tavern will be your new vacation destination every other Sunday evening.

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