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Introducing: Author Illumination!

I'm excited to announce the newest offering from the Wandering Tavern!

Author Illumination seeks to spotlight fantastic authors and their latest works.

Expect to hear stories from many different forms of fiction (not just fantasy).

You'll get to hear from the authors and a sample chapter from their newest release.

This week Author Illumination features:

Bryan Nowak and The Bagorian Chronicles!

I generally prefer paranormal thrillers, but I am not necessarily a purist. I like a good solid mystery to go along with it to keep you turning the pages or flicking the screen of your e-reader. I prefer a story line that doesn’t ooze blood, but I want it saturated in tension and dread. I’m a firm believer that if I can entertain you while scaring you a little, I have done my job. - Bryan Nowak

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